What Is A Game Truck?

The answer is not as cut and dry as you may think, because the term actually has two different meanings. First, the term Game Truck refers to the name of “our industry” as a whole. 


So if someone types, What Is A Game Truck into Google, they will get a standard definition as to what the industry standard is.


However, the second answer to What Is A Game Truck refers to the actual business name of the very first company that start it all.

Gaming Trailer’s Have Different Categories

Just like the automotive industry has their own categories, such as the Sports Car category and the SUV category, so does the Game truck industry have its very own categories. So What Is A Game Truck? It depends on the category.

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This type of truck handles every aspect of planning and hosting a birthday party. In addition, this type of service company also serves the food inside the Game Trailer and cleans-up after the party. 

Furthermore, this category is more focused on providing a complete birthday party experience that centered around celebrating the guest of honor.

Pros & Cons

The Pros of hiring a full service truck is that the client simply cuts a check, and lets the company do all the work.

The cons are that this  Birthday Party Centric service comes with a cost. For example, truck’s like these are going to be $500 to $700.

A truck like this is ideal for people who aren’t necessarily looking to celebrate a birthday, but rather are looking to have some entertainment at the birthday party.  

The pros are that the prices for typical truck can fluctuate from fairly to moderately expensive, depending on the company’s reputation. In addition you can invite larger amounts of kids because of the outside televisions. The cons are that all of the traditional game trucks don’t serve food and  if you want to have an actual celebration, then you will have to do it inside your home. Now you understand that What Is A Game Truck, is a much larger question.

The Cheap Game trucks are the ones that offer a lot of hours for $99 or $199. These types of Game trucks are here today… and out of business by tomorrow! The cheap game trucks only benefit is price,  furthermore they have no other competitive quality.

From my 6 years of experience, cheap game truck owners tend to have no business experience, and are simply trying to take advantage of something that they see as hot right now. I hope that you have a better understanding of What Is A Game Truck?