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Game Truck Facebook Review #95

Gamer vs Gamer provided the best birthday experience for our 10 year old! The guests were greeted by Cory (wearing a tux!) who led them through the red carpet and velvet ropes to a true VIP gaming experience. After an hour of gaming, the birthday boy and guests enjoyed personalized videos that were sent it by family members and a short dance party, then more gaming. I loved the inside of the truck which included leather gaming chairs per participant and 4 large gaming screens. We would definitely use them again and most likely choose the All Inclusive Experience

Game Truck Atlanta, Gamer vs Gamer, Birthday Party 2 You
Christina Carter

Game Truck Facebook Review #93

My son thought this was the best party ever ! Thank you for making it special ! Loved the personalized videos that were made!

Game Truck rental, Rent Game Truck, Gaming Truck Rental, Gamer vs Gamer Client's Children Hugging Each Other These Birthday Ideas for our VIP Truck are coming from real Gamer vs Gamer clients
Lisa Lee

Game Truck Facebook Review #91

To hear your child say “By far this is the best birthday I’ve ever had” let’s you know you did something right and we owe that to Gamer vs. Gamer. Each touch was personaliz

Game Truck Rental, Gaming Bus Rental, Gamer vs Gamer VIP Truck Client Kash Wita's Children Holding A Football Jersey And Smiling While Sharing Their Experience
Kash Wita K

Google Game Truck Facebook Review #7

I would like to start off by saying:: Phenomenal Job!!!? This was the best birthday party my son as ever had and the most organized. I didn’t have to do one thing. Parents you can sit back /relax and enjoy yourself. Gamer vs Gamer is not just a game truck…They offer a FULL service party in a truck…Pizza, Drinks, Birthday Cake, Ice Cream, Popcorn, Candy and Personalized Video… And the bonus is the video games. I will be using them again and again for all my kids birthdays and special events. We love Gamer vs Gamer and you will too!!!!!?

Game Truck, GameTruck, Vip Truck
Patricia Leiws

Google Game Truck Facebook Review #8

As a first time customer of Gamer vs Gamer and must say that I was very pleased with the experience. Having 2 parties back to back, on the same day, one would same crazy and a waste of time and money thinking it would be the same but it was just the opposite. Each girl had their own theme and was catered to as advertised. It was not an birthday party it was an event that they will remember for years to come. Our girls had an awesome time. The guest all said they want this for their special day and I don’t blame them. FUN FUN FUN…

Game Truck, GameTruck, VIP Truck

Google Game Truck Facebook Review #9

Absolutely the best birthday party I have ever hosted. The kids loved it and the service was incredible. They do exactly what they advertise, the party is an event. It’s not just a game truck that shows up and the kids play videos. It was made very special for my son. He and his friends are still raving about the party! It is worth the money for this party.

Game Truck, GameTruck, VIP Truck
Amy Fleming

Yelp Game Truck Review #6

My son had a birthday party 4 years ago with Gamer vs. Gamer. He was the best!! Great games, great service, and my son felt like VIP.Fast forward to last weekend…we were invited to another child’s birthday party that happened use the same company.  We were blown away. Not only did he remember us, he maintained the same great customer service! The birthday boy was treated as VIP. My children enjoyed every moment of this gaming service.

I would recommend Gamer vs. Gamer!

Game Truck Facebook Review #88

Gamer vs Gamer did my daughter’s 9th birthday party. They are worth every penny!!!! My daughter and her friends loved it!!!! My daughter said it was the best party ever…. and she was right! 

Gamer vs Gamer VIP Truck Client Monya Ehirim Smiling, and Sharing Her Experience
Monya Ehirim

Game Truck Facebook Review #81

It was a great party! The staff was nice the kids had a blast! We will definitely use again

Game Truck Facebook Review #81
Wilma Zelaya Galvin

Game Truck Facebook Review #79

Gamer vs Gamer made my little brothers 10th birthday epic ! The best part about it is they design the whole truck according to your child’s liking 

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Google Game Truck Review #4

My son’s birthday was a few years ago, and everyone is STILL raving about his party. NOt only were they friendly and prompt, but they were PREPARED. I have referred this company to at least 3 people so far and they have had nothing but good things to say about Gamer vs. Gamer–if my budget allowed it, I would have done this every year! I highly recommend Gamer vs. Gamer. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. THANK YOU!!!

Google Game Truck Review #4
Siobahn Dawkins

Google Game Truck Review #5

The party was $400 and it was a great experience. I would definitely refer them to my family and friends. Thanks again Gamer vs Gamer for giving my twins the best 10th birthday ever.

Game Truck, GameTruck, VIP Truck

Google Game Truck Review #6

My 12 yr old son and 9 of his best buds had a blast!! They tackled their fav activities, games, food and laughs. Corey communicated with me from the beginning and was accommodating with every promise. The all inclusive package kept the party and kids in a single supervised area while the parents chatted in the house and watched via a live stream. The best part of the party (for me) was watching my son emotionally watch his family and friends from afar wish him happy birthday on the big screens followed by Pharrell “Happy” with my son’s face inserted. This birthday was more than a game truck it was an experience. Thanks to Corey and his helper.

Google Game Truck Review #6
Marisa SunshinePhotogrphr

Yelp Game Truck Review #5

had him out for our Cub Scout pack! The boys ranged from first grad to fifth grade. They LOVED it!!!!! Everyone had so much fun. The staff was great! Everyone was super nice.   The dog was an added bonus. And the CAKE omg the cake was the best I have had in a really long time!!!!!
Great experience! We will do this again!

Facebook Game Truck Review #73

With 3 grandsons and many creative parties … This was by far the BEST one!!! Cory was great with the kids, took care of everything! The only sad thing was the adult “kids” wanted to play too 

Facebook Game Truck Review #73

Facebook Game Truck Review #69

Corey and his team went above and beyond to make Jonah’s 9th birthday celebration truly amazing! Highly recommend and we will definitely be booking for little brother 

Facebook Game Truck Review #69
Lauren Kuschner Grossman

Facebook Game Truck Review #61

Corey lived up to everything he said he would do for my son. He kept the kids excited and pumped up. It was beyond my expectation!!!! I would highly recommend .

Facebook Game Truck Review #61
Heather Hacker Heil

Google Game Truck Review #15

Corey was so professional. My son was completely blown away including as his guests. Corey is definitely a genuine person, and he knows how to get the children comfortable and ready for an ultimate VIP party. Oh yes y’all it is truly an VIP experience from start to finish. I wish him and his company continued great success because they are truly one of the best in my experience. One love from a very, very happy mother.

Game Truck, GameTruck, VIP Truck
Loraine Goss

Google Game Truck Review #2

Gamer vs Gamer is absolutely amazing!!! They just did my 7yr old birthday party, and the kids had an amazing time. They were very professional, on time, and catered to our needs. Worth every penny.

Game Truck, GameTruck, VIP Truck
Bradley Ford

Google Game Truck Review #3

Best party ever! We are so thrilled with our recent party with Gamer vs Gamer and the services that Corey and his team provided. Our son was so happy and his friends all raved about the day too – best money you can spend and the small touches made a big difference in making our son feel so special – SO THRILLED 🙂

Game Truck, GameTruck, VIP Truck
Lori Embrey

Yelp Review #4

We just had my son’s party with Gamer vs Gamer and it was the most awesome party ever!  Mr. Corey and staff were very professional and were great with the children.  From start to finish, every detail was perfect.  Mr. Corey kept the kids hyped up from the intro at the velvet ropes to the end where he shot candy out of a cannon!  What’s even better was that I didn’t have to lift a finger.  What a great company, I will recommend them to everyone.  Thanks again, Corey!!!!

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