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Gamer vs Gamer Party Of 5 Virtual Reality Game truck

PREMIUM Party Of 5 

This Virtual Reality Party Package Includes:

Game Truck Atlanta, Gamer vs Gamer, Virtual Reality

Game Truck Atlanta, Gamer vs Gamer

Up To A $400 Virtual Reality Headset Gaming System INCLUDED

Gift #1 Your child receives a SURPRISE birthday gift during the party. They get either  an Oculus Quest VR Headset, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S Or A Video Game Chair.

Game Truck Atlanta / Gamer vs Gamer Birthday Yard Sign

24 Inch Birthday Yard Sign Rental

We deliver & Install our 24 inch birthday lawn sign rental to your home the day before your child’s party. It sets the expectations for your child.

Game Truck Atlanta, BY GAMER VS GAMER Avengers League Birthday Club

8X10 Customized Digital Super Hero Picture

Gift #2 is a personalized superhero picture of your child, as their favorite Superhero, Athlete or Charcter

Game Truck Atlanta - Gamer vs Gamer Avengers League Black Card

EXCLUSIVE Birthday Club Membership

Gift #3 Your child becomes an official Birthday Club Member, complete with a 100% metal membership card. 

Game truck Price

(2) Pounds Of Candy Rain

Gift #4 The party ends with a gift for everyone. We shoot 2 pounds of candy in the air. The kids have to scramble to see who gets the most candy.

Gamer vs Gamer, Game truck Atlanta

LIVE Stream Of Party Into Your Home

No need for parents to stay in the game truck for 2 hours. We stream a live video of what the kids are doing inside the game bus, directly into your home, and onto your big screen TV.

Game Truck Atlanta

(5) Virtual Reality Headsets To Play With

All (5) kids get their own VR Headset and get to BE INSIDE the video game. Countless non-restrictive adventures and experiences that can’t be done on a Playstation, Xbox or Switch await them.

Game Truck Atlanta / Gamer vs Gamer Cupcakes

(5) Cupcakes & Ice Cream Cups

Your party includes (5) gourmet Cupcakes & Ice Cream Cups, along with plates, napkins and flatware.

Gamer vs Gamer Serves Pizza

(1) Large Pizza

The kids will have (1) Hot large pizza to share. We allow them to eat and drink inside our game bus. This keeps your home clean.

a Commercial popcorn machine is inside every game bus party.

Unlimited Popcorn & Drinks For (5)

All (5) kids have access to UNLIMITED Popcorn from our commercial popcorn machine, as well as UNLIMITED Drinks.

Other Party Features In This Package

  • Family Tear Jerker Video Message
  • Grand Entrance Video
  • Red Carpet Velvet Rope Entrance
  • Dance & Movie Party
  • Bubble Machine
  • Unique Birthday Song

Package Prices Will Depend On How "YOU" Personalize Your Party

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Virtual Reality Package
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